Welcome to Little Vegan Bakehouse 😍

About Little Vegan Bakehouse

Welcome to the 'Little Vegan Bakehouse',

My name is Jennifer Bushell, I am a coeliac baker who has always loved baking but even more so since my now four year old daughter was born with an egg and dairy allergy. My diagnosis of coeliac disease came a little later but it forced me to get creative in the kitchen to accommodate our intolerances and allergies as a family. 

In 2020 I competed for the first time in a fitness model/bodybuilding competition. The competition involved 16 long weeks of dieting and by the end I was dreaming of cakes in my sleep. All of my friends were planning on what sweet treats they would devour first and for me the only option was a stale gluten free muffin from the free from aisle of the supermarket! It really highlighted how very little there was on offer for people like me, something fresh tasty and exciting... Warm and chewy cookies with chocolate filled centres or gooey double chocolate brownies, delicious cakes and more.

From here my dream was turned into a reality and 'Little Vegan Bakehouse' was born. We really hope you enjoy our sweet treats as much as we do. We are always looking for new ideas so please get in touch if you have anything you want us to try and create and we will do our best to make your dream bake a reality.

 With Love


Jennifer x